Master of Science in Applied Engineering, M.S.A.E.

Georgia Southern’s Master of Science in Applied Engineering (MSAE) degree prepares individuals for career advancement in consumer, commercial and industrial technology fields. The program is structured to meet business’ need for engineering managers and individual contributors who possess leadership skills along with applications experience in a specialized field. The Master of Science in Applied Engineering study options enable students to design a program of study that meets their individual and professional career goals. Program graduates are prepared to assume leadership positions that contribute to quality, productivity, and competitiveness for their employers.

Master of Science in Applied Engineering with Civil Engineering and Construction Concentration 
Ongoing technical advances have increased the demand for highly specialized Civil Engineers. As a result, more advanced and specialized education is increasingly required for professional practice in Construction, Environmental, Geotechnical, Structural, and Transportation Engineering. Our Civil Engineering and Construction Concentration provides access to such professional specialization.

Master of Science in Applied Engineering with Electrical & Electronic Systems Concentration 
Moore’s Law continues apace, turning one generation’s dream into another’s reality. Global video conferencing on heads up displays, autonomous nanobots aiding search & rescue, solar cells connected to smart power grids, intelligent sensors feeding cloud computers, wireless energy harvest scavenging ambient radio-frequency (RF). Electrical and electronic systems are everywhere and invisible, unobtrusively improving and even extending our lives. Our EE Systems graduates will create things yet to be dreamed.

Master of Science in Applied Engineering with Energy Science Concentration 
Energy Science research and development is one of the highest priority initiatives in the global economic and political arena. The Renewable Energy and Engines Laboratory, directed by the Allen E. Paulson Endowed Chair of Renewable Energy, provides an exceptional opportunity to prepare oneself to pursue this cutting edge career. The laboratory leads the effort to develop alternative fuels for internal combustion engines in partnership with Georgia’s global vehicle producers and agricultural organizations.

Master of Science in Applied Engineering with Engineering Management Concentration 
Entrepreneurs and managers have a momentous responsibility and a crucial mission. Georgia Southern’s MSAE program emphasizes collective and critical thinking, encourages an open mind to innovation.

Master of Science in Applied Engineering with Information Technology Concentration
This program embraces the ever-changing IT industry, with studies in programming, system and network design, installation and enhancement, Internet implementation, analysis of organization computer and information needs and personnel.

Master of Science in Applied Engineering with Mechanical Engineering Concentration
Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest engineering disciplines. Mechanical engineers design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain a variety of mechanical systems. The MSAE program emphasizes practical hands-on skills that build upon conceptual understanding obtained at the undergraduate level. Students will expand their knowledge and narrow their focus in a variety of areas from heat transfer and fluid mechanics to mechatronics and fracture mechanics.

Master of Science in Applied Engineering with Mechatronics Concentration
An application-oriented approach and a focus on state-of-the-art results prepares graduates for integration of mechanical and electronic functions in modern products, unleashing exponential computing power, innovative sensing technologies and robust new materials.

Program Contact Information:
Dr. Biswanath Samanta

Graduate Program Director
MSAE, Energy Science Concentration
MSAE, Engineering Management Concentration
MSAE, Mechanical Engineering Concentration
MSAE, Mechatronics Concentration
Phone: (912) 478-8002

Dr. Susan Williams

Graduate Program Director
MSAE, Information Technology Concentration
Phone: (912) 478-4848

Dr. Sungkyun Lim

Graduate Program Director
MSAE, Electrical & Electronic Systems Concentration
Phone: (912) 478-2266

Dr. N. Mike Jackson

Graduate Program Director
MSAE, Civil Engineering and Construction Concentration
Phone: (912) 478-6453

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Regular Admission Requirements
1. A Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering, Engineering Technology, or a scientific discipline from an accredited college or university.
2. A cumulative grade point average of 2.75 (4.0 scale) on bachelor degree for Master Program; A cumulative grade point average of 2.75 (4.0 scale) on bachelor degree for Certificate Programs.
Provisional Admission:
Applicants who do not meet all admission requirements may be granted provisional admission or non-degree admission.
Applied Engineering, M.S.A.E. Admissions Deadlines
Fall Spring Summer
Priority Deadline March 1 October 1
Final Deadline July 31 November 15 May 1

Last updated: 10/29/2015

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