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Averitt Awards for Excellence in Graduate Research and Instruction

The Averitt Award is the highest honor bestowed upon graduate students within the Jack N. Averitt College of Graduate Studies and is funded by the Graduate Student Organization (GSO). The Averitt Awards serve to independently recognize excellence in two separate categories, Excellence in Research and Excellence in Instruction.  Each recipient will receive a $500 cash prize.

2022 Averitt Award Winners:

Heather Romage – Excellence in Instruction

Nicole Scheuermann – Excellence in Instruction

Brett Cross – Excellence in Research

Sylvia Ofori – Excellence in Research


Previous Award Winners

To learn more about the College’s first Averitt Award recipients, please read the press release.

Year Student Name Department
2022 Heather Romage MS Applied Physical Sciences
2022 Nicole Scheuermann Biology
2022 Brett Cross MS Sports Medicine
2022 Sylvia Ofori DPH Epidemiology
2021 Bradly McGinnis Psychology
2021 Cydney Price English
2021 Erin Arneson Biology
2021 Cesar Carapia MSME – Mechanical Engineering
2020 Melanie Hinterplattner PhD Logistics & Supply Chain Management
2020 Laura Serrano-Amerigo PhD Psychology
2020 Corina Newsome Biology
2020 Delores Quasie-Woode DPH Public Health Leadership
2019 Jessica Watts Biology
2019 Carson Hollingsworth Kinesiology Concentration in Physical Education
2018 Gustavo Silveira Music
2018 Jose A. Sanchez Biology
2017 John David Curlis Biology
2017 Ray A. Delva English
2016 Heidi Moye History
2016 Martin Muinos MSAE
2016 Desiree Riley English
2015 Joshua Holloway Mathematics
2015 Zachary Dietrich PhD Psychology
2014 Aaron Roberts English
2014 Cameron Cato MSAE – Electrical Engineering
2013 Lauren Deaner Biology
2013 Amit Arora PhD Logistics
2012 Carl Nicholas “Nick” Keiser Biology
2012 Johnathan Craig Martin Psychology
2011 Tomas Condon Biology
2011 Drew Keane English

Last updated: 6/16/2022