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Graduate Certificate in Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students

About the Program

This certificate program is for teachers and administrators that hope to improve K-12 education for culturally and linguistically diverse students. The program of study includes the three course sequence needed to earn an ESOL endorsement and three additional courses that emphasize the social, cultural and academic contexts inherent in working with culturally and linguistically diverse students. The purpose of the certificate is to develop the capacity of teachers and administrators to provide high quality instructional experiences for diverse learners. This certificate course work will be centered in a menu of readings and assignments that allow teachers and administrators to select those that are most germane to their local teaching context. Teachers and administrators can initially complete the coursework to earn their ESOL endorsement. Successful completion of the next series of three courses will earn them the Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students Certificate. One unique aspect is the potential for several teachers from a site or district to engage in the coursework simultaneously and collaborate on capstone experiences. This coursework aligns with TAPS standards that comprise the TKES assessment system for teachers in Georgia.

Program Contact Information

Graduate Academic Services Center

Admission Requirements

  1. Completed requirements for a Bachelor’s degree in a college accredited by proper regional accrediting association or the equivalent at a recognized international university.
  2. A 2.75 (4.0 scale) cumulative grade point average in undergraduate work.
  3. At a minimum possess or be eligible for a Georgia Induction or Professional Certificate or the equivalent, or possess or be eligible for a Georgia Certificate of Eligibility for an Induction Certificate.
  4. Complete Disclosure and Affirmation questions that address misconduct disclosure, criminal background check, the Code of Ethics for Educators, and tort liability insurance.
  5. Statement of career goals and objectives.

*International transcripts must be evaluated by a NACES accredited evaluation service and must be a course by course evaluation and include a GPA. (



July 1*


November 1*


April 1*

*The application and all ​​required documents listed on the “admissions requirements” tab​ for the program must be received by the deadline.  If all required documents are not received by the deadline your application will not be considered for admission.

Last updated: 1/12/2021