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The Grad Post Double Eagle Spotlight Fall 2018

Memory Littles, M.Ed.

Office of Student Activities
Georgia Southern University

Q:Tell us what being a Georgia Southern Double Eagles means to you?

A: Being a Georgia Southern Double Eagle means being so committed to and confident in the institution that prides herself in the holistic development of students, that you return for a double dose of quality, higher education.

Q:How has becoming a Georgia Southern Double Eagle helped you professionally?

A: Becoming a Georgia Southern Double Eagle has helped me to gain a more well-rounded understanding of the inner workings of an institution of higher learning, while in a familiar environment. Choosing to obtain a second, advanced degree from the same institution allows you to bypass the initial steps of getting acclimated to a new environment and allows you to fully immerse yourself into the campus community.

Q: Why would you tell someone to join you as a Double Eagle?

A: I would tell them, join me as a Georgia Southern Double Eagle and reinvest in the institution that helped shape your future.

Q: What have been some benefits for you, or what do you feel are the benefits of becoming a Double Eagle?

A: The benefits of being a Georgia Southern Double Eagle are not only being better positioned for advancement in my professional career, but also the opportunities to connect with other Alumni that are equally committed to the institution. More often than not, Double Eagles tend to be included and more actively engaged in conversations that have a direct impact on the campus and Statesboro communities.


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