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The Grad Post Spring 2019, Double Eagle Spotlight, Caleb Rogers

Caleb Rogers

Associate Director of Enrollment Management
Communications & Marketing
University of North Georgia

Q: Where are you from?

A: I was actually born in Statesboro, GA to two Georgia Southern University alumni (one Georgia Southern College and one Armstrong State College), but grew up in Perry, GA.

Q: What brought you to Georgia Southern for your first degree?

A: Working closely with the Undergraduate Admissions team, I was able to land a great scholarship opportunity. I was hesitant at first to attend since my older brother was a student. However, just like every other Eagle, I got the inevitable welcoming feeling when I visited campus and I knew from the moment I arrived to Scholar’s Showcase that I’d found my home. That feeling was confirmed as I met with the dynamic faculty, staff, and students that weekend and at SOAR that summer.

Q: Why did you chose to stay at Georgia Southern?

A: I knew firsthand how special Georgia Southern was. I knew that if I chose to stay, I was guaranteed an educational experience that would challenge me and change me. I’d spent a great deal of time working with professionals at Georgia Southern who had completed the M.Ed. program I was considering, so I knew that the program was exactly what I needed to launch me into a productive career in higher education.

Q: Which degrees have you earned?

A: I earned my B.S. in Public Relations in 2015 and my M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration in 2017.

Q: Where are you now, and how has your education at Georgia Southern helped you get there?

A: I’m currently working at the University of North Georgia as the Associate Director of Enrollment Management for Communications and Marketing, helping drive student success through meaningful and strategic communication. I’m also pursuing a Ph.D. in Educational Policy Studies with a concentration in Research, Measurement, & Statistics at Georgia State University (#2 in my heart).

My educational experiences at Georgia Southern have been a huge part of helping me reach my professional and educational goals. The strong communication background I received in the Public Relations program and the foundation built in the Higher Ed Admin. Program have strengthened my skills to help me in my current role as I identify needs for new and returning college students, find innovative ways to communicate solutions to their needs, and to create and evaluate plans to continue supporting them in the future. My understanding of college students from my M.Ed. program has also developed my research interests in educational access and opportunity that is supporting me through my Ph.D. program now.

Q: What does it mean to you to be a Double Eagle?

A: To me, being a Double Eagle is a point of pride. I’m eager to tell others about my college experiences. I’m honored to have been given the chance to grow and develop through two separate programs, departments, and even academic colleges. When I walk around town in Georgia Southern gear and get asked if I attended Georgia Southern, I quickly answer with “Yep! Twice.” I believe so strongly in the mission of Georgia Southern and the education and development it provides students, so I am proud to tell people that I did in fact get two degrees from the same institution and that I wouldn’t change that for the world.

Q: What’s next for you?

A: Who knows? I’ve got to finish this last degree and continue to grow as a professional, but don’t be surprised if I make my way back to the ‘Boro’ in a few years.


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