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The Grad Post Spring 2019, Peer Mentor Spotlight, Nehemiah McClendon

Nehemiah McClendon

Graduate Student, Peer Mentor
Graduate program: Master of  Education, Counseling Education, Mental Health Counseling

Peer Mentors serve the Jack N. Averitt College of Graduate Studies as a resource to first year graduate students. Starting graduate school is a new and exciting journey which often presents new challenges.  A student does not need to begin this journey alone. Peer mentors provide support for areas related to a new student’s academic, professional, and personal life.

Q: What interested you in becoming a Peer Mentor?

A: I was really interested in giving guidance to first year graduate students. The undergraduate verses graduate experience is vastly different. Whether you attended the school for undergraduate degree as well or are making a transition to a new school you are exposed to a new lifestyle. New students need to know where resources are on campus, who to talk to in order to access specific information and just how to have fun in your new stage of life. These are questions I want to be able to advocate for these new students.

Q: What benefits do you feel the Peer Mentor program has for new Graduate Students?

A: Community! Building that community inside and outside of your program is one of the most important factors to me. Guiding students to connect with other like-minded individuals from different backgrounds and cultures is a great motivation.  Getting students to be engaged at Georgia Southern University is also a benefit for the students, there is a vast amount of resources that are accessible to students on campus.

Q: What do you feel you are personally gaining from participating in the Peer Mentor program?

A: I feel like I am personally gaining understanding for people. I love to learn and connect with different people; learning about where they grew up, struggles they faced in the past, and plans they have for the future. Not only pouring into others but having others pour information into me.


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