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The Grad Post Fall 2019, Student Spotlight, Mariana Ranzahuer

Master of Arts, Professional Communication and Leadership

What drew you to Georgia Southern for your graduate studies?

I was an undergraduate student here, also a student-athlete (women’s tennis), so I already had an idea of what it was like to be a student at Georgia Southern. I was drawn to stay because of the connections I had to faculty in the program and my graduate assistantship opportunity. If you are able to socialize with your department faculty and staff, they can be of great help inside and outside the classroom! It was easy for me to adapt because I already knew where everything was on campus and where I wanted to live.

What are your Georgia Southern “points of pride?” What is one thing you are most proud of during your time here at Georgia Southern?

I definitely love the Statesboro campus. It looks beautiful during any season and has so much nature around it. I am also proud of the diversity Georgia Southern offers. I am an international student from Mexico and I have made friends from all parts of the world due to my relationship with athletics and all the events the Office of International Programs and Services organizes throughout the year.

Are you a part of any research or work projects? If so, what are you doing?

I am currently a graduate assistant for Information Technology Services and we have projects ongoing all year round! We work on maintaining the newest technologies on campus, promoting our University App, and create cybersecurity campaigns that are shared with students, faculty, and staff on all three campuses.

Are you a part of an internship or co-op experience? What are you doing? What are you learning?

I did an internship this past summer in Atlanta with the Millennial Women team, which is a company that provides inspiration and resources for the women of our generation to foster their dreams. I was able to receive credit for a class and it was a great experience to grow in the communications field and make connections for my future.

How is Georgia Southern preparing you for your future career?

I have taken advantage of the resources Georgia Southern offers to students. The Office of Career and Professional Development helps you prepare for upcoming interviews and also offers options to connect with professionals with internship opportunities that can turn into full-time jobs. I have also gained a lot of experience from my graduate assistantship position. I have been able to balance student life with work life and I have learned how to use different programs and develop strategic communication plans.

I feel that graduate school is a glimpse of what it feels like to be in the real world. Your professors are now treating you as an adult and not just a student, which guides you to be more professional and responsible in terms of deadlines and work. I feel I made a great decision to come back to school at Georgia Southern, it has allowed me to explore the field I am looking to begin my career in and know where to look to find the right opportunities and connections for my future.


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