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The Grad Post, Spring 2021, Alex K. Troutman, Master of Science, Biology

A: What drew you to Georgia Southern for your graduate studies?

Q: Two of my undergraduate mentors are down here and one of them was actually the individual who introduced me to my graduate advisor.

Another thing was the opportunity to work with an advisor who is also an underrepresented minority in the scientific field. He has been through similar experiences as I and knows the ways to navigate academia as a scientist of color.

Lastly, Georgia Southern is home and it would be a great honor to become a Double Eagle!

Q: Are you a part of any research or work projects? If so, what are you doing?

A: Yes I am, I am studying the diets of seaside sparrow nestlings in tidal salt marshes off the Georgia coast.

Q: Are you a part of an internship or co-op experience? What are you doing? What are you learning?

A: I am currently serving as Launch Pad Early Career fellow with the Safina Center, and I just completed a pathways internship position with the National Park Service.  My fellowship is helping me to engage with communities and encourage underrepresented individuals to enjoy the outdoors and pursue scientific fields.

Q: How is Georgia Southern preparing you for your future career?

A: Georgia Southern is preparing me for my future, or should I say my return to the workforce as I’m taking a break from my professional career as a wildlife Biologist, by refining my research skills, immersing me in proposal and grant writing, and  teaching me new ways of prioritizing and managing workloads and stress.


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