Georgia Southern moves to online instruction for all courses for the remainder of the semester. 
Visit our COVID-19 response page for full information.

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FAQ for COVID-19 Pandemic

Prospective Students

Are graduate school application deadlines extended?

The College of Graduate Studies is not extending application deadlines at this time. We do understand that some supportive materials may be delayed. If you are concerned about any delay in your supportive materials such as transcripts, test scores, etc, please contact Graduate Admissions at

Are you still processing graduate school applications?

Yes. The majority of our staff are working remotely, but we are still able to process applications and decisions. 

What if I am having trouble completing the graduate school application because of test site closures and services working remotely?

Please reach out to our graduate admissions staff at We can work with you to determine the best course of action.

Current Students

Is the Spring/Summer deadline for graduation applications extended? 

As the graduation application is available online (accessible via WINGS), the deadline for Spring and Summer 2020 graduation will remain March 27th, 2020. If you encounter difficulty in applying, please contact Randi Sykora at or for assistance. 

What is happening with thesis/dissertation/comprehensive exam defenses?

The College of Graduate Studies has extended the deadline to Friday, April 10th. Programs and faculty have been instructed to work with their committees to identify virtual capabilities to allow students to complete their degree requirements.  The following link provides a list of virtual support resources from Information Technology Services. 

What about Electronic Thesis/Dissertation submission deadlines?

These deadlines remain the same. If you have questions please visit the ETD submission links page or email us at

I am a graduate assistant, what do I need to do?

Several communications have been shared with graduate assistant supervisors. Please reach out to your supervisor for guidance. Refer to the Graduate Assistantships page for details or contact us at

What if I am working on graduate school research that cannot be done remotely?

If you are working in a lab and the work is necessary to progress a project, please reach out to your faculty advisor or the program director. A list of steps has been shared that should be completed before you come to campus. 

Program Directors

What if a prospective student is having trouble completing the application because of test site closures and services working remotely?

Please reach out to our graduate admissions staff. We can work with you to determine the best course of action. 

What are graduate assistants expected to do during this time?

Starting March 30th graduate assistants are expected to continue their work responsibilities. Here are some guidelines:

TA2s/LA2s-Instructor of Record: Departments should ensure that these instructors have their courses ready to transition to fully online starting March 30th. The use of our standard Folio platform is recommended. For courses or elements of a course that may not translate well to Folio, departments should work with their instructional staff to think about creative options, i.e. use of WebEx, Google Hangouts, or other video platforms to evaluate performances, laboratory materials, etc.  

TA1s/LA1s: Faculty supervisors should work with their TA1s to establish expectations and how their work will be moved to supporting the course(s) in a virtual format. If a TA1 needs to come to campus to fulfill any work-related responsibilities, the student must communicate with their supervisor and this must be communicated with the department chair and with the Dean. These cases should be rare, and the chair and Dean must be informed of the days and times the TA1 expects to be on campus.

RAs: Faculty supervisors should work with the students to discuss expectations of how work will be completed and a timeline for that work.  If a student is working in a lab and the work is necessary to progress a project, please follow these steps:

  1. Establish a lab schedule for students — no more than 2 students working in a lab at one time.
  2. Share the schedule with a list of student names with all the vital parties including the chair, Dean, and the Dean of the Graduate College. 
  3. Work with these students to ensure they are only coming to campus when necessary. RAs should attempt most of their work remotely.

All other graduate assistants serving in a service-based unit: Faculty and/or staff supervisors should work with their students to limit the amount of time on campus. Supervisors should use the same rule of thumb when identifying essential/non-essential staff. Working remotely is recommended. If you have a special case that needs to be considered, please contact the Graduate College Dean.

It is important that we are flexible and can accommodate our students at this time. If a student is not comfortable coming to campus to perform tasks that require campus facilities, an alternative method of completing their tasks, or alternate tasks, should be mutually agreed on.  

Faculty and Staff

Are Summer GA Hiring PAs still due by April 1?

Yes, since it is an online process and the student fee deadline is in early May, it is important to get Summer hiring submitted.

Last updated: 3/24/2020