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Fall 2023 Dissertation Defenses

Geremy LloydDoctor of Public HealthEmergency Preparedness and
Response: Examining Rural Hospitals (RHs) Communication Systems Before, During, and After a Natural Disaster
10/11/202310:00 AMPlease contact chair,
Dr. Samuel Opoku, for event location.
Michael MoranDoctor of Educational LeadershipThe Relationship Between Academic Advising and Students’ Completion of Corequisite Gateway Courses10/23/20231:00 PMPlease contact chair, Dr. Steve Tolman, for event location.
Imaobong B. EkpoDoctor of Public HealthInfluence of Culture and Historical Dynamics on PrEP Perceptions by Black Women in Chatham County Georgia: A Qualitative Exploration Using the PEN-3 Cultural Model10/26/202310:00 AMPlease contact chair, Stacy Smallwood, for event location.
Omolola OkunromadeDoctor of Public HealthAddressing Breast Health Disparities Among Recent, Established African-Born Immigrant Women and Second-Generation Immigrants in Princes Georges County, Maryland10/30/202310:00 AMPlease contact chair, Bettye Apenteng, for event location.
Arshpreet Kaur MallhiDoctor of Public HealthSleep Duration and all-cause Mortality,
association stratified by Metabolic Syndrome
10/30/202311:00 AMPlease contact chair, Jian Zhang, for event location.
Christian C. SpearsDoctor of Public HealthShePrEP: Examining the Influence of the Messaging and the Messenger Associated with PrEP Uptake among African
American Women
10/30/20121:00 PMPlease contact chair, Stacy Smallwood, for event location.
Theresa DuggarDoctor of Educational LeadershipExamining Second-Year Retention: Student Perceptions of Campus Resources for Sophomores10/31/20239:00 AMPlease contact chair, Dr. Daniel Calhoun, for event location.
Sean BearDoctor of Public HealthExploring Service Differences Among Labeled Populations During Humanitarian Response10/31/202310:30 AMPlease contact chair, Jeffery Jones, for event location.
Will ThigpenDoctor of Educational LeadershipAssessing the Fidelity of School-Level Professional Learning Community Implementation11/01/20239:00 AMPlease contact chair, Dr. Juliann Sergi McBrayer, for
event location.
Michael H. SamawiDoctor of Public HealthWhat Could Go Wrong? Patient and Hospital Characteristics Associated with Pediatric Quality
of Inpatient Care and Pediatric Adverse Events
11/01/20239:30 AMPlease contact chair, Dr. Gulzar Shah, for event location.
Margaret D. WatsonDoctor of Public HealthPerspectives on the Use of Molecular HIV Data for Public Health11/01/202310:00 AMPlease contact chair, Stacy Smallwood, for event location.
Stephanie L. IrvinDoctor of Public HealthExploring Relationship between
Programmatic Competencies, Work Engagement, and Turnover Intentions among different Generational Cohorts in State and Local Governmental Public Health Agencies
11/02/20239:00 AMPlease contact chair, Dr. Bettye Apenteng, for event

Frequently Asked Questions

What format does my thesis/dissertation have to be uploaded in?

  • The Electronic Theses & Dissertations Website accepts all forms of submissions, including Word Document (.doc) and PDF (.pdf).

How do I view the edits that I need to make?

  • You will receive an email when the College of Graduate Studies has reviewed your thesis/dissertation for the format check. Click on the link provided in the email to view the corrections that need to be made. The link in the email will send you to a site where you can view the requested revisions as well as revise your thesis/dissertation. Click on the “View decisions” to see the formatting errors. The following page it directs you to shows all the decision letters that were sent about formatting errors. Click on the subject link to view the email. Click on the link after “Attachment”. You will need to save the PDF to your computer to view the comments. Once you download the PDF onto your computer, open it and click on the Comment Tab in the upper right hand corner. A list of comments should appear.

How do I submit a revision?

  • The “Revise thesis/dissertation” button on the left hand side of the webpage allows you to upload a new thesis/dissertation. Once you click on the “Revise thesis/dissertation” button, you will be sent back to the original form that you have already filled out. Scroll down to “Upload Full Text” and click on “Upload file from your computer”.

I still have outstanding thesis/dissertation requirements on DegreeWorks even though I have submitted my thesis/dissertation. Why is this?

  • Once your thesis/dissertation has been approved for the format check by the College of Graduate Studies, your committee members must also verify your thesis/dissertation. Once all of the committee members have verified, the thesis/dissertation is sent to the library to be posted in the library repository. When it is posted in the repository, the outstanding thesis/dissertation requirements on DegreeWorks will be updated to complete.

Last updated: 2/7/2022