Payment Information

Pay Schedule:

Students will be paid once per month (at the end of the month). There will be no May checks distributed for summer GA’s – the first check will be distributed at the end of June for all summer terms (except B term, which will be paid at the end of July). To access the University pay schedule, please go to the following link: Monthly Payment Schedule

Method of Pay:

It is recommended that all employees enroll in direct deposit. Checks will no longer be mailed from Georgia Southern University. They will be mailed from an outside source on the date of the pay check distribution. Enrolling in direct deposit will allow you to receive your pay more quickly.

Late PA Submission and Paychecks:

As a policy, if you submit a PA after the COGS deadline, it is subject to late processing. If the PA does not reach the office of Human resources by their Payroll Scheduled Deadline, your GA will not receive their first month’s check in that same month. They will receive 2 paychecks at the end of the following month.

EXAMPLE: if a PA for a GA hired in Spring was not submitted to COGS until after the January deadline and late enough to not reach HR and Payroll by their deadlines, your student will not be paid on January 31st and will receive 2 paychecks on February 28th. (It is the department’s responsibility to notify the student of this matter)


Last updated: 8/26/2016

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